Tips and Tricks for a Healthier and Brighter Smile

Every day, the best oral health experts in Austin TX encounter at least one patient curiously asking about how to enhance one’s appearance affordably and lastingly without any aggressive dental procedure.

The answer to such question is pretty simple and, as a matter of fact, everybody already knew it—people just forget out of the hustle and bustle of the busy city life: carefully maintained habits for a beautiful smile.

Below are those healthy routines that should always be part of one’s lifestyle if he or she truly desires a gorgeous looking smile and at the same time a great oral cavity in tiptop shape.

Use whitening toothpaste that contains maximum fluoride to both whiten and nourish teeth.

Majority of the toothpaste brands sold in Texas convenience stores have fluoride as their main ingredient. This ionic form of the chemical element fluorine helps teeth replenish their mineral content again and again in order to lengthen their lives as well as to strengthen them against the strains and pressures of biting.

Whitening toothpastes meanwhile contain abrasive compounds that scrub the stain off the teeth’s surface, which is technically known as enamel. Not only do they remove the seemingly permanent discoloration, they also bleach teeth to achieve their optimal brightness for a thousand watts smile.

Avoid the sweet and hard candies, as well as soft drinks that weaken teeth with the holes they create on them.

It’s a no brainer in Austin why dental patients are recommended to shun sugar in their everyday diet. The complex carbohydrates are the root cause of dental caries. They prompt the bacteria residing in the mouth to secrete acidic substances that naturally erode the enamel, creating the infamous cavities that cause rapid tooth decay.

On the other hand, hard foods damage the teeth with tremendous chewing forces. Teeth get chipped, in which these cracks become potential access points for harmful microbes to infect the pulp chamber—the innermost part of the tooth that contains its nerves and blood vessels. The result is basically a horrible pain in the mouth.

Dodge as well coffee and other drinks with strong colors that stain teeth.

Colored drinks like coffee typically leave their mark on teeth, even if the tongue wipes them out afterwards. The discoloration is temporary although according to top general dentists in Texas, such light damage could become irreversible if not washed off immediately.

In addition, sticky plaque that hardens over time turns into ugly tartar, which adheres itself solidly to the enamel. Someone who wants spotless teeth must avoid these substances as much as possible in order to prevent the pitfalls of needing expensive dental treatments to remove such yellowing.

Pay a visit to the general dentist’s office at least twice yearly for professional cleaning and check-up.

On top of everything else, nobody should ever forget the biannual appointment with the dentist or specialist. Oral health practitioners are skilled in cleaning teeth thoroughly that is impossible for the average 5-minute brushing habit, which uses plain toothbrush. Furthermore, they’re highly educated in Austin with regards to the proper diagnosis and prevention of dental problems whose symptoms are unnoticeable in ordinary daily living.

MilkTeeth Problems: Diagnosis & Treatment by TXPediatric Dentists

Most parents around Austin Texas are not aware that their children as young as six months old are prone to tooth cavities as much as any adult is. Their young teeth and bones may be rapidly developing and are likely to be more resilient to damage than for older people, but their delicate pearly whites are susceptible too to general dental treatments.

Let’s find out what the oral cavity of our sons and daughters are like looking through the eyes of a pediatric dentist who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of our babies’ teeth and gums.

The Deciduous Teeth

Also known as milk teeth, the first set of teeth to grow in any individual’s lifespan usually erupts at six months of age and completes developing by the second year. On the average in Austin TX, there are a total of 20 baby teeth expected to mature that will soon be replaced by permanent teeth.

Technically called as deciduous teeth by pediatric dentists, their key difference from the permanent ones is that none of them are molars. It’s interesting to note that these thick molars found at the back of the mouth are the 8-12 teeth with four cuspids or cusps each and are adapted for grinding and crushing thoroughly food. In little children’s jaws, there’s not enough space to fit the molars, which is why they have lesser teeth than their parents.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

In the state of Texas, dental offices often diagnose early childhood caries among kids no older than six years of age. This condition is typically interchanged with a more colloquial but also more specific dental problem termed as baby bottle tooth decay. It has nearly the same characteristics as normal tooth cavities among adults: weakened teeth due to holes created on them and stained teeth because of the dirty plaques that turned into tartar or calculus.

Baby bottle tooth decay got its name for the fact that infants drink on milk bottles. The milk products or other fluids that their bottle contains are more often than not full of sugar as well, which is the primary cause of cavities. When such TX baby bottle full of liquid other than water is left on the child’s mouth after sleeping, bacteria are definite to build up in the oral cavity and eventually destroy their very premature pearly whites.

Toothbrush Abrasion

Another common problem that attacks children’s teeth is toothbrush abrasion, which is a result of a highly forceful brushing technique such that the teeth’s outer layer called enamel is damaged rather than just cleansed.

The situation can also be worsened by the use of whitening toothpastes because of their abrasive ingredients that are supposed to whiten teeth. These coarse materials indeed scrub off the stains from teeth, although they scratch through the enamel as well, removing precious minerals that are important for their function to protect the pulp chamber within.

Children’s Teeth Nourishment

Pediatric dentists in Austin Texas recommend parents and guardians to visit the dentist’s office or clinic as soon as the first deciduous tooth begins its eruption among their kids. This way, specialists can monitor closely their young patients’ teeth throughout their growth and immediately identify any possible problem that could arise, thus preventing it from getting worse or hopefully not even progressing at all.

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