Dr Tejas Patel is a Cosmetic Dentist in Austin, TX

Are you seeking a great dentist who can transform your teeth and your smile?

Dr. Tejas Patel, of LakewaySmiles.com, is regarded as a top dentist in Lakeway

and for good reason. An experienced cosmetic dentist, Austin-based Dr. Patel

offers a full range of dental solutions to transform your smile in a big way!

A great smile is important not only for your confidence, but also for your health.

Cavities and tooth decay, along with gum infections, can pose a serious health

risk. Untreated dental problems can develop painful infections that rapidly travel

to the bone or even the bloodstream, resulting in a life-threatening condition

known as sepsis.


Dr. Patel works with patients who need dental help, offering an affordable and

gentle solution. Unlike many dentists, who don’t take the time to ease the

patient’s nerves and fears, Dr. Patel makes a concerted effort to work with each

individual, addressing their fears, concerns and worries about the procedure. He

also takes the time to answer questions, while explaining the procedure as it’s

performed so the patient knows precisely what to expect. This goes a long way

toward eliminating the fear that many associate with the dentist.


What’s more, with modern technology and the latest techniques, you don’t need

to worry about experiencing severe pain from cosmetic dentistry procedures. In

fact, today’s root canals are no more painful than a filling! So whether you need a

cavity filled, require dental implants to replace a missing tooth or need a dental

bridge to complete your smile, you can look forward to working with a dentist who

will ensure that the procedure is fast and as painless as possible.


Dr. Patel offers sedation dentistry too and he works one-on-one with each patient

to ensure that they have a good pain management plan to handle any discomfort

that arises after the procedure.


These are just a few of the features that set Dr. Tejas Patel apart as a leading dentist!

Lakeway and Austin natives can turn to Dr. Patel for not only cosmetic dentistry

procedures, but also for general dentistry help, dental implants, Invisalign braces

and even sedation dentistry.


If you’re seeking a great dentist in Lakeway or Austin, Dr. Tejas Patel can

transform your smile! Make your appointment today by calling his Lakeway

dentist’s office at 512-263-8337 or call his downtown office at 512-476-2336.

To learn more, visit lakeway dentist Dr Patel.

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