Dr. Tejas Patel is One of the Top Austin Dental Implants Dentist

Is your smile less than perfect? Do you smile with your mouth closed because

you’re self-conscious about your teeth?

Your smile can have a huge impact on your confidence and self-image. In fact,

one in five people says they’re self-conscious about their smile. And failing to

smile can impact your mood (smiling triggers the production of mood boosting

hormones!) and others’ perception of you, as people who smile frequently are

viewed as smarter, more approachable, friendlier and more attractive!

But chipped teeth or missing teeth don’t give you much to smile about.

Dr. Tejas Patel, of LakewaySmiles.com, is one of the top Austin dental implant

specialists. Whether you have chipped teeth, missing teeth or suffer from severe

decay or other dental flaws, Dr. Patel can transform your smile with realistic and

permanent tooth implants.

Today’s modern tooth implants don’t just look fabulous; they also work just like

your natural teeth. First, any damaged teeth must be extracted and the bone

must be allowed to heal for a period of several weeks. The jaw bone will expand

to fill in the empty tooth socket, providing a stable foundation for the tooth


Then, Dr. Patel will implant the posts into the jaw bone using anesthesia to help

the patient to avoid any pain or discomfort. He’ll also provide patients with

assistance in managing the pain that follows the implantation procedure.

Once the tooth implant posts are in place, your missing teeth will be replaced

with realistic looking false teeth. It’s a permanent solution to missing or seriously

chipped teeth.

Dr. Patel is favored among his clients for his patient-friendly manner. Many dread

or even fear the dentist but Dr. Patel and his staff work to put every patient at

ease. He also goes the extra mile to answer your questions and he’ll explain the

procedure so you know exactly what to expect.

In addition to offering dental implants, Austin-based Dr. Tejas Patel also offers a

full range of other services to his clients. In addition to implant dentistry, he also

offers cosmetic dentistry procedures and general dentistry, including

sedation dentistry. Dr. Patel also offers clear Invisalign braces.

If you need tooth implants to replace chipped teeth or missing teeth and live in

Lakeway or Austin, Dr. Tejas Patel is available to assist. He maintains two offices

in Lakeway and in downtown Austin. Schedule an appointment today by calling

Dr. Patel’s Lakeway dentist’s office at 512-263-8337 or call his downtown office

at 512-476-2336.

To learn more online, you can also visit LakewaySmiles.com.

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